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Alexander Pope

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These questions are intended to act as a guide to understanding Pope's "The Rape of the Lock." They are also a useful review for a test on this literary work
1. How does Pope treat Belinda's beauty? Is there irony implied? 
2. Discuss the mock-heroic elements of the poem
3. What are the most recurrent images in the poem and what do they represent?
4. Identify two major literary devices and assess their effect
5. Discuss Pope's use of the heroic couplet. Is the heroic couplet suitable to his subject matter? Why or why not?
6. Identify the supernatural or heavenly elements in the poem and state their function
7. Is the poem a sexual allegory?
8. Identify two major characters and two minor characters
9. Construct a plot graphic
10. Is the poem a satire? What makes you think so and what is Pope satirizing?
11. Analyze the ending of the poem. What does it achieve?
12. Discuss the characterization of Belinda

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